• Private Lending for Your Rehabs

    Complete our application and within days, see if you qualify for a private loan for your next rehab project. Loans are secured by real estate, not your credit!Apply Now!Learn More
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Lending Terms

3 to 12 months with great rates and no points required. We are not Hard Money Lenders but Private Lenders who help you!

Lending Rates

Our competitive rates depend on how much we lend relative to the loan amount plus rehab costs. Rates start at 7% interest only payments.

Lending Secured

We secure your loan by the LTV (loan to value) of the home's current condition plus rehab costs. Loans are from 70% to 100% LTV.

Private Lending

To get started, the process is simple when using private lending and not hard money. Start by submitting your information here and provide as much detail for us to make a firm offer upon acceptance. We make it easy and painless and will work with you throughout the entire process. We are rehab investors too and know what it takes to succeed..